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Jenz & Partner provides management and consulting services in the Enterprise Lifecycle Management space. Our services are always customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients and focus on the following main topics:

  • Readiness: Analysis, assessment, research and education for organizations that plan to engage in Enterprise Lifecycle Management.

  • Strategy: Review and expert validation of a client’s Enterprise Lifecycle Management strategy. Mid- and long-term guidance and coaching of the management team or project teams. Advisory services in the formation and implementation of an Enterprise Lifecycle Management strategy.

  • Implementation and Governance: Enterprise Lifecycle Management, underpinned by Knowledge & Model-Driven Enterprise Engineering and Enterprise Architecture, and encompassing Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Supporting domains include Requirements Engineering and Management, Ontology Engineering and Management, Business Process Management, etc.


Enterprise Lifecycle Management is the dynamic, iterative process of changing the enterprise over time. The application of Enterprise Engineering processes, including the process of enterprise architecting. is a key driver for maximizing enterprise productivity, performance and efficiency in a holistic manner.

We have developed substantial domain expertise in several areas of Enterprise Lifecycle Management:

  • Innovation Management: all processes and activities required for planning and managing the collaborative engineering aspects of transforming ideas into output (new or improved products, services, processes, organizational structure, business model).

  • Knowledge Asset Management: all processes and activities required for identification, development, application, auditing, measuring, reporting and governance of critical and strategic knowledge assets in an organization.

By exploiting our expertise and experience, we provide Content Origination services to software vendors and service providers as an element of the content provisioning value chain.


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Knowledge-Driven Enterprise Engineering


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